Wednesday, June 01, 2005

so this is life....

srry guys i havent posted in such a long time!! lifes been a wreck lately. ive been trying to get through the rest of icy sparks for honors english 3 junior year, ive been trying to get a job but because the high school class is so large and i live in a collage town its hard to get work!!!, and then theres the bull crap with erin and kelly again. if youve lived a life like mine then you would understand why freinds are so inportant and how much it hurts when that person turns out not to reall be your friend at all. im srry. (tear tear) well wont keep you long i must get icy read.

see you all soon!!
pinky ^_^

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Monday, May 30, 2005

its all about me!!!!

hello my friends!

well im srry i havent wrote in a while. i really srry i havent talked to nick or daniel in a while also. but good news almost done with the book icy sparks! if you havent read the book please because its incredible!!!! erins allergies have been really messed up also. i hope she gets better soon. i spent the night with her saturday. i got bored and because im aclean freak i clean off her desk and night stand. i know its unbearable to have ocd! oh well ill talk with you later dan if you read this please get an aim name so i can talk to you on aim!!!

love always

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Friday, May 27, 2005

perfect day made for only me

well you would not belive what a perfect day this has been for me. now i know that some think that a perfect day consists of winning a car and moving to the keys for free but my perfect days were like mine today. i woke up and my mom had my favorite cerial (cornflakes with almonds and strawberries) and then i left and went to merl norman makeups( what a flake off store) and bought my new apple green vera brabley pocket book!!(that came to 60 bucks, but it was worth it because i love little betsys) and then i was sized for my class ring, and i had my medal i won for most achived artist at scottcounty highschool engraved, im going for my permit thursday, then i went to the new subway on main street and had a toasted roast beef sub which was the best!!!, then i went to my aunts and she gave me a bunch of movies like halloween h2o and the original version of amity ville horror, and then i went home and seen my boyfriend of 1year and 2 months, before he leaves for his summer vacation to the state of ill. and now im sleepy. i think im going to go walk over to my gradmtohers house and see my aunt. i just wanted to check in really fast and tell you what a great day it was! ill write later.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

my 1st entry

when i was a young child i never had many ways of expressing my self. i was laughed at by many of the other children and didnt have many friends. even teachers turned their backs on me. as ive grown older ive realized that my get away, my green haven, was art. for hours on end i still sit and paint or draw and get so lost in my work that any troubles near me just all slip away. for my opening blog on my journal, i want to dedicate it to mrs. donnelly, for teaching me art was more than a subject, it was pure virgin expression for the weak and strong alike. thank you.

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